by LINDA FRABL | photo by Mark Hopkins Photography

A Volleyball Dynamo


Jackie Jones is finishing up her senior year at Pacific Ridge High School where she has been on the varsity volleyball team all four of her years there while also participating in club volleyball. Jackie originally started dabbling in the sport at age 10 in order to have one-on-one time with her mother, who had also played high school volleyball. All her years of volleying have paid off, because Jacqueline was accepted to play volleyball for Claremont McKenna College, and she exclaimed, “I’m so excited to go there and further my academic and volleyball career.”

It may seem as if Jackie was destined to become a volleyball dynamo, but she actually tried a lot of different sports as a kid. These days Jackie has other outlets that fascinate her besides volleyball. For example, she is passionate about photography, and remarked, “It allows me to express my creativity.” She also enjoys traveling, and shared, “I love exploring new places and learning about new cultures. I have already been to six different countries so far, but I always like coming back to Carlsbad!”


Name: Jacqueline Elaine Jones (18)
School: Pacific Ridge School
Grade: 12
Parents: Roxanne Jones and Mark Jones
Sibling: Laura Jones (16)
Favorite Places in 92008/92010: Downtown Carlsbad, Café Topes, The Point Beach

Her favorite part of living in Carlsbad is not only the weather, but also, as Jackie said, “Because there are so many things to do, like eating at great restaurants or going to the beach.” When she isn’t at her local haunts, Jackie relishes her time at school. “Pacific Ridge is such a close-knit community that is so supportive of everyone and there are so many opportunities to grow and be a leader,” she said.

At school, Jackie’s favorite subject is English, and she proclaimed, “I really like to write and analyze texts.” Jackie hopes to work in either marketing/advertising or magazine journalism in the future. She has rounded out her education by doing volunteer work for the ARC, a center for those with intellectual/developmental disabilities, as well as for TERI, an equestrian center that uses horse riding therapy to help kids with learning disabilities.

Whether she’s spiking a ball, volunteering, traveling, or just relaxing in Carlsbad, Jackie manages to handle all of her various commitments with grace and finesse. Her varied experiences have given her the skills to handle anything that comes her way, and Jackie will always manage to set herself up on the path to success.