by LIZ ONUFER | photos by Alicia Jeanne Photography

Wonder & Exploration

artist_belt1A deep fascination in the New Mexico landscapes originally led Carlsbad artist Adam Belt to create. Today, his art is inspired by a connection to the natural world and his commitment to his faith and St. Michael’s by the Sea Episcopal Church. “Much of my work is contemplation of physical and phenomenological aspects of our world, the cosmos, God, and religion,” Adam shared.

As an art student at University of San Diego in the mid-90s, Adam refined his skills and expanded his interests. “Once I became proficient in landscape painting I realized that practice would not be able to express what I needed to express or connect with, and thus began my engagement with contemporary art,” Adam explained.

Adam’s recent work, A Religious Experience, is part of Wonderspaces, a pop-up art show in Mission Valley featuring extraordinary experiences. His exhibit, a 30 x 30 foot enclosed space with holes drilled through and a light source from behind, creates rays that look like the stars of a night sky that envelope the visitors. “Rays of light and their religious connotation were something I wanted to make use of for some time, but it wasn’t until this engagement with the cosmos that pairing them with stars occurred to me as the proper use for this phenomena,” Adam said.


Name: Adam Belt
Profession: Artist
Community: Carlsbad
Hobbies: Exploring, snorkeling, surfing

Adam is also drawn to the phenomenon of the ocean and wild places. “The beach often feels like it exists in a different time continuum than the rest of the spaces we occupy, freeways, tract home developments, schools,” he acknowledged. Beyond San Diego, Adam and his wife and daughter also enjoy visiting the Channel Islands, the Southern Utah national parks, Death Valley, and the Mojave Desert. “These places influence my work as wonder and exploration continue to be integral in my process.”


Currently, Adam is working with Tidelands, the Port of San Diego’s public art program, to create a temporary public piece that will be on exhibit later this year. He recently designed a new baptismal font for St. Michael’s by the Sea. His work is also on display at the Pendry Hotel in Downtown San Diego and at various times at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. For Adam, “Art continues to be a means or point of contact, the most profound works that I have experienced cut through daily life, metaphor, and symbolism to a deep presence and startling silence,” he explained. Be sure to check out Adam’s work at Wonderspaces through the end of July. See for more information and to purchase tickets.