by SAMANTHA EDWARDS | photos provided by Juncal Real Estate

Getting the Deal Done

Juncal Real Estate Provides Competency, Integrity, and Trust to Clients

OB Juncal and his team at Juncal Real Estate always strive to put the needs of their clients first. For OB, this means positioning clients to get what they want out of a real estate transaction, including the best price, the best terms, and protection against loss during and after the transaction. “My philosophy is to be honest, work smart, work hard, and always have the client’s best interest in mind,” OB said. “I run a business and it is good business to be good to people, the public, and the community.” The firm specializes in residential sales, but has also sold land, development opportunities, deeds, mobile homes, and assisted in rentals.

In OB’s own words, it is not unique to have a boutique residential real estate firm. It is unique, however, to have an office with no walls or desks, which he believes is key to keeping communication open and ethics high. “The clients, service providers, and customers all have access to communication with anyone in the office,” OB explained. “As the broker, I am open to all of my agents all of the time. Information is shared and ethics stay high by always having ‘the boss’ listening and interjecting into conversations and transactions.”

“My philosophy is to be honest, work smart, work hard, and always have the client’s best interest in mind.”

After graduating from San Diego State University with degrees in both business and economics, OB worked in real estate marketing for 10 years. In 2008, he exited the marketing world and became a real estate agent. He worked hard to become the top producer in his office, and eventually left to open his own firm. But his success did not stop there. OB was awarded the 5 Star Real Estate Agent Award by San Diego Magazine for five consecutive years, was a Short Sale Genius ambassador, and was recently featured on the cover of Top Agent Magazine.


The myriad of client testimonials speak for themselves. “Trust is more valuable than money and I can say without hesitation that OB earned our trust and respect,” said C. Payne. “He practically became part of our family.” Past clients especially stressed the way OB made them feel during the home buying process. “I actually felt protected by OB in my search for a house,” shared Dr. Rezvani. “You can definitely trust this guy, he’s patient as heck, and wow, he knows his stuff.” And finally, M. Patterson added, “OB does what he promises and gets the deal done.”


Name of Business: Juncal Real Estate
Owner/Manager: OB Juncal
Years in Position: 5 years in business
Address: 580 Grand Ave.,
Carlsbad, CA 92008

Phone: 760-994-2404
Description of business: Residential real estate agency servicing North San Diego County with a high degree of ethics, competency, and service.