by LYDIA COBB | photos by Samantha Gleaton Photography

Play Ball!


When it comes to sports, Jordan Hickerson is on her game. She plays soccer, indoor volleyball, baseball, softball, beach volleyball, and participates in the Carlsbad State Junior Lifeguards in the summer. “This is my first year playing competitive beach volleyball but it is my favorite sport so far,” explained Jordan. “Playing at the beach with my partner Ava is fun and we like playing tournaments together.”

The Hickerson family has lived here for six years. Jordan and her twin Jax are fourth graders at Magnolia Elementary. Cameron, the oldest of the Hickerson children, is now a teen. They have a pug named Miss Polly Pickles. Jordan shared that their family likes to play games together, BBQ, and swim in the pool. She and her brothers play Minecraft, building houses and roller coasters together.


Jordan has played competitive soccer since age six. She’s both goalie and forward. Her inspiration for soccer comes from watching pro Hope Solo, a goalie in USA Women’s Soccer. For three years she has played indoor volleyball. “On my team we rotate to all positions, but I like spiking the ball back over the net to the other team,” shared Jordan. She and Jax started in baseball but later switched to softball, which they’ve played the last four years. She plays first base, shortstop, and pitcher, and reminisced, “I like getting a good hit, coming home to score, and being an All-Star.”

Name: Jordan Lee Hickerson (10)
School: Magnolia Elementary
Grade: 4
Parents: Jill and Jamie Hickerson
Siblings: Cameron (13), Jax (10)
Favorite Local Spots: The beach, Swirlicious, and the shopping mall


One of the best parts about being in Junior Lifeguards, according to Jordan, is participating in the Junior Lifeguard competition. She elaborated, “It’s where Carlsbad kids compete with Oceanside and Camp Pendleton teams. There is a long-distance run, long-distance swim, team swim and run events.” She’s up for the challenge with seemingly endless energy.

Off the field, Jordan likes school, and added, “It’s because of all the extra activities we have, like Field Day and Science Day.” Her favorite subject is art where she enjoys painting and drawing. Jordan wants to continue playing sports throughout her school years and into college. “Maybe I’ll even become a professional beach volleyball player, coaching kids like me when I get older,” she mused. When the ball is tossed in her court, it’s a given that Jordan will know what to do, and how well to do it.