Reflections in Art

Carlsbad Unified School District (CUSD) students are being recognized at the National, State, and Ninth District PTA levels for their participation in the PTA Reflections art recognition program, in the theme of “Let Your Imagination Fly.” Thirty-three Carlsbad students will be exhibited at the Ninth District PTA open gallery on April 7 at the San Diego County Office of Education. In addition, two of those students will be honored by the California State PTA and will have their work exhibited at the state convention in early May. Lily O’Neill from Magnolia Elementary School received an Award of Excellence for her music composition entry and will see her work move forward to the National PTA Reflections program. Calavera Hills Middle School student Andrew Eyestone received an Award of Merit from the California State PTA for his photography entry. Sage Creek High School sophomore Katherine Potz and Carlsbad High School junior Sana Moezzi also received Awards of Excellence and will advance to the CAPTA Reflections program along with Lily and Andrew.

“We congratulate all of our young artists and musicians for their accomplishments in the PTA Reflections program. These students are to be commended for their outstanding work,” said CUSD Superintendent Suzette Lovely. She continued, “I also want to personally thank our vibrant Carlsbad Unified Council PTA for their work to support the Reflections program in our schools.” For a complete list of all 33 students who will be recognized at the Ninth District PTA gallery showing visit