Feeling Connected

volunteer_jones1Mindy Jones and family – husband Chris, children Dylan, Devon, and Gavin (plus dog and cat Molli and Peach) – have called the Calavera Hills community home for the past 10 years. They love the small town feel of Carlsbad, the trails around Calavera Lake, and the fact that the city wants to preserve natural land. Also, Mindy cherishes the good she’s been able to do as a volunteer. In 2010, Mindy started teaching a monthly art lesson in her son’s kindergarten class called Meet the Masters (MTM). Since then, she’s taught MTM every year in all three of her sons’ classes, runs a mini art history school assembly for each artist introduced, and now helps run the entire program. “I started volunteering because I wanted to feel connected to my son and his school experience,” she explained, “and I wanted him to see that I was invested in his education and his school.” Mindy took a position on the PTA Board starting in 2012, and she is now the VP of Communications, connecting with all three of her children and their school experience.

Name: Mindy Jones
Community: Calavera Hills
Family: Chris, Dylan, Devon, Gavin, Molli & Peach
Hobbies: Running, yoga, design
Favorite Spots in Carlsbad: Trails around Calavera Lake, That Pizza Place, Pizza Port

volunteer_jones2“Calavera Hills Elementary is a great school, and our PTA is pretty amazing,” Mindy shared. “We are a positive and collaborative group.” Mindy is responsible for communicating with everyone, which she does by creating a monthly newsletter and keeping up the CHE website. She helps different committees on a wide variety of other projects as well, from acquiring donations, aiding in fundraising and other activities, and designing all kinds of elements at the school, from t-shirts to flyers to banner graphics. Currently, she’s helping with preparations for the annual Father-Daughter Dance and other events that could use volunteers. Upcoming events include: Parents’ Night Out, the Mother and Son event, Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week, and Fifth Grade Promotion crew. “We will possibly have a spring book fair too, if we can get volunteers to help run it,” Mindy said.

If she had one wish for CHE, it would be that more parents could be involved in any way possible, whether through donating their time or classroom funds. “I feel lucky,” Mindy smiled. “Being able to teach art and art history is amazing. Helping my kids’ school and being a part of my kids’ school life is awesome. Getting to know the wonderful parents, staff, and teachers at CHE is fantastic.” She added, “Who knew volunteering could be so fun?”

Contact PTA President Jessica Torpey or Volunteer Coordinator Alicia Blechschmidt through the school website at www.ches.schoolloop.com/leadershipteam