by KELLEY GUSICH | photos by Samantha Gleaton Photography

Lots of Laughing

family_mone2The Mone family has an extensive history with and love for their home town of Carlsbad. Renee Mone moved to the area to get her teaching credential at Cal State San Marcos, where she met her husband, Brian. Their first meetups were at Fidel’s Little Mexico every Wednesday for happy hour, then on to Coyote Bar and Boar’s Crossing for some dancing. “So you could say our life together began in Carlsbad, still our favorite place to be,” Renee laughed. “We were married in 2000.” Renee got her first job teaching first grade at La Costa Meadows Elementary, where she has been for the past 19 years. She loves her school and the community around LCM, and she is there to stay. All three of her daughters went to the school, with her youngest still there and in the third grade. “My two oldest attend Valley Middle School up the street from where we live,” Renee explained. “I couldn’t think of a better place to raise my girls.”

Parents: Brian and Renee Mone
Children: Kylee (14), Sara (12), Addison (8)
Pets: Charlie – Golden retriever
Community: Carlsbad
Hometowns: Renee – Visalia; Brian – Philadelphia
Occupations: Renee – Teacher at La Costa Meadows; Brian – Engineer Consultant
Favorite Places in Carlsbad: Jay’s, Beach City Smoothies, Alga Norte Aquatic Center, La Costa Coffee Roasting


One way the Mones have expressed their appreciation for Carlsbad is through community involvement.

One way the Mones have expressed their appreciation for Carlsbad is through community involvement. Brian has volunteered to coach basketball and soccer, and has participated in community swims and triathlons. Renee started an event called Wigs for Kids four years ago at LCM, because of a friend and colleague who was diagnosed with breast cancer. Renee and her daughters have donated their hair many times, and so far close to 200 people have followed suit. “It’s a selfless act of kindness that a child can do to put a smile on someone’s face who is fighting the battle,” she shared. “My hope is that more schools in Carlsbad will do this. I am blessed to be at the school that is always giving back, not just to our community but to children in need around the world.” The Wigs for Kids is an annual event, usually around the first Friday in November.


Their interests as a family are wide and varied, from pajama and pizza nights in the living room to paddleboarding at the lagoon with their golden retriever Charlie. Renee gets to do the mother and daughter dance this year with Addison, whereas Brian did the father and daughter dance with her the past two years, and twice before with Kylee and Sara. “Thank you,” Renee said with a smile, “for the opportunity to brag about my beautiful family and wonderful Carlsbad.”