by JENNIFER FRAKES | photos by Samantha Gleaton Photography

Positive Outlook

faces_mulcahy1At age 44, Claudia Mulcahy was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. She quickly learned that people didn’t know what to do or say upon hearing this news. Although she did not set out to write a book at first, at the urging of friends she wrote Cancer: What to Do or Say, a book for those who are newly diagnosed with cancer and those who want to help, but aren’t sure what they can do. “The book educates, entertains, and inspires. It’s laced with humor and raw moments, while lightly weaving in a spiritual thread throughout. I opt to call cancer an experience, rather than a fight, battle, or struggle. My book is written without such terms. It also has a theme of gratitude throughout because I believe that no matter how tough things get, there are always things for which we can be grateful,” related Claudia. The book has over 200 essential tips, insights, photos, and resources, and according to Claudia, provides the friends and families of patients ideas for how to move from feeling awkward into being of service. In addition, Claudia revealed that the book is endorsed by physicians at the UC San Diego Moores Cancer Clinic and the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Clinic, among others.


Name: Claudia Mulcahy
Community: Carlsbad
Hobbies: Meditating, writing, nature walks, gardening
Favorite Spots in Carlsbad: Batiquitos Lagoon, beach

faces_mulcahy2Claudia is a self-described free spirit with many passions and life pursuits. She has been a social worker for adults with developmental differences; director of Deaf Nest, an award-winning pre-school for deaf, hard-of-hearing and hearing children in Wellington, New Zealand; an American Sign Language (ASL) instructor through San Dieguito Adult School, and a coach for business owners. “Whether I’m teaching budgeting, spirituality, ASL, or what to do or say for life-changing events, I follow my passions: teaching, demonstrating, and inspiring people to live at higher levels of consciousness,” stated Claudia.

With the exception of college at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and a year-and-a-half when she lived in New Zealand, Claudia has always called San Diego her home. Claudia moved to Carlsbad 12 years ago, and enjoys spending time at Batiquitos Lagoon, the beach, and local libraries, and attending cultural and art-related activities. “I’m on the board for Carlsbad Friends of the Arts. On my own, I pick up trash at the beach. It’s good for the glutes and the beach,” laughed Claudia. She also enjoys meditating, writing, nature walks, gardening, and spending time with friends.