by Michelle Tremblay | photos by Samantha Gleaton Photography

Shining Star

student_kellermeyer2For Hannah Kellermeyer, moving with her family to Carlsbad from Texas wasn’t easy. “Moving here was tough for me because Texas was home,” shared Hannah, a recent grad of Carlsbad High School (CHS). “The first couple of months I didn’t want to be here.” Soon though, Hannah began playing sports and joining school clubs and her trepidation about her new home faded away. “I feel that when you put yourself out there and get involved it makes everything better,” said Hannah. This way of thinking is helping Hannah to pave the way toward a bright future while staying committed to helping others along the way.

Since her move to Carlsbad, Hannah has become very involved with sports. “I played recreational soccer as a way to meet friends,” explained Hannah. “I also played basketball at CHS for two years. It was a great bonding experience with my teammates and fellow classmates.” Hannah was honored with the Heart Award two consecutive years for being the most dedicated member of her basketball team.

Name: Hannah Kellermeyer
School: Recent graduate of Carlsbad High School, incoming freshman at Seton Hall University
Siblings: Caitlin (26), Hayden (23)
Favorite Places in Carlsbad: Cessy’s, the outlet mall, Calaveras Lake/Mountain


student_kellermeyer3As another way to get involved, Hannah joined various school clubs. This past year she was president of Best Buddies, a program that pairs general education students with students with disabilities. “The club was meant to promote inclusion, break down the stereotypes that surround the disability community, and promote the end of the ‘R-word’ as a derogatory word,” described Hannah. She was also a member of the Peer Leader Uniting Students club, which was created in an effort to promote school unity. Hannah was able to travel to Europe through her participation in French Club, was a photographer for her school’s online newspaper, and was part of the National Honor Society and the California Scholar Federation for her work as an honor student. “I partook in the schools Intern Academy,” Hannah added. “The program was created to give students credit towards graduation and give them real world experience in their perspective careers.”

Due to Hannah’s outstanding work, she has been recognized as Inspirational Student of the Month by San Diego County School District and was featured on a Channel 7 News segment. She was also named Volunteer of the Week by CHS.

As for her future plans, Hannah plans to attend Seton Hall University in the fall. “I’ll be studying Education with a focus on Special Education (inspired by my participation in Best Buddies),” explained Hannah. “I want to join Teach for America, which will give me scholarship money in exchange for teaching in underprivileged areas.”