Carlsbad Seeks Strategies to Combat Drought

In an effort to provide increased water reliability to Carlsbad homes and businesses while conserving limited drinking water supplies, the City of Carlsbad has approved an expansion of the Carlsbad Water Recycling Facility. The construction will increase the facility’s capacity from four million gallons a day to seven million gallons a day and includes adding 18 miles of new pipe to the existing water distribution system, as well as building a new one-and-a-half million gallon reservoir. The City’s expansion of its water recycling program is a long-term strategy to reduce pressure on the region’s drinking water supply. The expansion project is being funded by several sources including grants, loans, and water district funds that have been allocated for expansion of the district’s recycled water network.

City of Carlsbad Public Works Director Pat Thomas said, “After the drought in the early 1990s Carlsbad set a course to find and develop drought-proof water supplies. When this expansion phase is completed in 2020, about one of every four gallons of water used in Carlsbad will be recycled water.” The Carlsbad Municipal Water District (CMWD) also recently launched a water conservation campaign to raise awareness of new water use rules and encourage greater conservation. “A lot of Carlsbad residents are already doing the right thing when it comes to water conservation,” said CMWD Conservation Coordinator Mario Remillard. “But we still see a lot of opportunities to save more water, especially in landscaping.” For more information on the water recycling expansion or water conservation campaign visit