by LIZ ONUFER | photo by Lauren Nygard Photography

For the Love of Learning

Ally Jane stands out in so many ways, although she would be the last to admit this. “I love life and the world around me and I think it is so awesome to be recognized for those simple things,” Ally said.
A junior at Carlsbad High School (CHS), Ally is working her way toward Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and a career as a middle school math teacher. Math does not come easy to Ally, but her work ethic is the key to her success. Despite a low score on the Algebra 2 Honors diagnostic test, she requested to stay in the class. “I promised my teacher I would work twice as hard as the other students if I had to and that’s exactly what I did,” Ally explained. By the second semester, Ally earned straight As on all her math tests.

“”I love life and the world around me, and I think it is so awesome to be recognized for those simple things.”

Ally looks forward to sharing her passion in the classroom. She’s been practicing since she was six – “I’d make seating charts, and I even had a whiteboard to teach lessons to my stuffed animals,” Ally shared. Today, she stands in front of a real classroom as a student tutor at Magnolia Elementary School. Once a month, Ally teaches the fourth grade class. “The chance to teach confirmed my dreams of teaching and made me so excited for the future,” she acknowledged. “I want to create students who love to learn and be there for students who may need someone in their lives to support them.”

student02Her commitment to school and student life extends beyond the classroom. Ally’s extracurricular engagement began in middle school as a peer mentor in the Where Everyone Belongs program. In high school, Ally serves on the Superintendent Student Advisory Council for the Carlsbad Unified School District. She was also a scholar athlete her freshman and sophomore years and elected co-captain of the CHS cheerleading team. Her academic performance has earned her memberships to the National Honor Society and California Scholarship Federation.

Ally’s positive attitude and energy for life stands out in all her choices. “Despite the pressure of today’s society, I have always been perfectly happy making good choices even if I am completely on my own doing so,” she acknowledged. Ally’s perspective is unique – her commitment to serve students combined with her drive for academic achievement, all balanced with an appreciation of the simple things in life, is her equation for success.

Name: Ally Jane (17)
School: Carlsbad High School
Grade: Junior
Parents: Jennifer and Chipper
Sibling: Gray (14)
Favorite Local Spot: The Besta-Wan Pizza House, the drive on Jefferson St. next to the lagoon, Thrifty’s Ice Cream, and above all, home.