How Does 2015 Compare to 2014 So Far?

So now that we are a couple of months into 2015 we are already getting questions about how this year looks. We noticed a significant shift in interest right after the first of the year. We received calls from past clients looking to sell their homes and purchase new homes, buyers who have been on the fence about purchasing who are now serious and investor clients looking to purchase more rental properties.

This had us looking at the economist predictions for 2015. PropertyRadar’s December Real Property Report stated, “Despite a tepid year, the California housing market stayed in line with 2014 predictions and hopefully set the pace for a better 2015.” Director of Economic Research for PropertyRadar Madeline Schnapp said in a recent article, “As we predicted early in 2014, sales volume stayed near seven-year lows throughout 2014 because prices rose too far too fast in 2012 and 2013.” She also mentioned in the same article, “Although prices are likely still too high, 2015 may fare slightly better thanks to mortgage interest rates trending lower and loosening lending standards.”
We noticed that our clients now have positive equity in their home as opposed to the negative equity some had. This allows homeowners to refinance their homes and take advantage of the incredible interest rates. We love to see our past clients’ home values back to a positive place. We feel that this year is going to be a great year! If you are interested in taking advantage of the rewards of owning a home, contact us right away. Let’s plan for the future now. We look forward to hearing from you!