by LINDA FRABL | photo by Lauren Nygard Photography

An Outdoorsy Lifestyle

The Levin family – consisting of parents Moses and Raechal and children Luna and Joshua – embraces an outdoorsy, “green” lifestyle. All have successfully adjusted to living in Olde Carlsbad after making the move from Evergreen, CO. Moses admitted, “We moved here to get out of the cold, and we chose Carlsbad for its excellent public school system.” Raechal added, “The quality of life here is top notch!”

That’s saying something, because the Levins know a lot about living in different environments. For example, Raechal used to live in Kauai, which is where she first met Moses while he was visiting a friend there. Together the family once lived in Taos, NM, where they currently own a second home that they built themselves over the course of 15 years. Raechal stated, “It is a traditional adobe home that is self-sustaining.”

The family’s ability to nurture their surroundings has benefitted their children’s school, Jefferson Elementary. When asked if they wouldn’t mind planting a couple of apple trees in the school’s garden to honor Luna’s kindergarten teacher, who had passed away from cancer, the parents willingly agreed. Moses shared, “We pulled weeds, moved rocks, dug holes, and even dug a channel to run a sprinkler system.”


Both parents respect the mind/body balance found in nature, which is reflected in their chosen careers. Moses owns Green Earth Books, in which new and used college textbooks are recycled back to students. Raechal teaches yoga at the Carlsbad Village Yoga Co-op and to students at the Boys and Girls Club through Carlsbad Causes for Community’s (C3) kids yoga program. She is also involved at Jefferson Elementary, teaching yoga to young students as part of their morning motion routine.

Both children are also into yoga, in addition to numerous other activities. Luna dabbles in fashion design, dances competitively, has won the “Most Valuable Surfer” title by US Surf Camps in 2012, and was even crowned “Miss Gold Coast” at her first beauty pageant. She is also a member of Kids for Peace, an organization which raises funds for underprivileged kids and promotes the concept that kindness matters. Joshua used to be a competitive gymnast, but is now concentrating on karate. “He is also proving to be quite the aspiring young yogi,” Raechal proudly proclaimed.

The Levins enjoy being outdoors and discovering new sights whenever they can. On Sundays especially, Raechal revealed, “If we’re not hiking or chilling out at the beach and surfing, then we’ll take a drive and explore someplace we’ve never been. We like to live in the moment!”

Parents: Moses Newton Levin and Raechal Heather Levin
Children: Luna Rain Levin (10, 5th grade at Jefferson Elementary); Joshua River Levin (6, 1st grade at Jefferson Elementary)
Community: Nob Hill Olde Carlsbad since 2011
Parents’ Hometowns: Taos, New Mexico
Parents’ Occupations: Moses – Founder, Green Earth Books; Raechal – Yoga Instructor
Pets: Currently one cat (Dobby), one dog (Wolfy, also goes by Zen), and one bunny (Ebony)
Favorite Places in Carlsbad: Beach City Smoothies, Swami’s, Swirlicious Yogurt