Hope Elementary School Gets New Mural

There is a new mural in the Hope Elementary School Library. Local Hope volunteer and mother Anna Sousa spends a lot of time helping out in her children’s classrooms and recently had the idea to paint a mural. With support from Principal Richard Tubbs, Anna and fellow volunteer Melody Gutches got started on the painting right away. “I have been dreaming of creating a more permanent piece of art to brighten up our school for years,” Anna said. “We quickly decided the library was the best place to start as it could be enjoyed by all grades. I knew I wanted to paint a scene that would bring to life the idea that reading a great story can transport the reader to another world.”
Anna and Melody spent over three weeks painting the 230 square foot mural on three walls of the library. Also featured in the mural are over 60 literary references, characters, or iconic images from classic children’s books. Students will recognize characters and items such as the Hungry Caterpillar, the Rainbow Fish, Flat Stanley, James’ giant peach, Aladdin’s lamp, or Harry Potter’s scarf. According to Anna, if students look closely, they can also spy a treasure chest from Treasure Island, the balloon from Around the World in 80 Days, the octopus from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and Ka from the Jungle Book, along with popular culture references such as Olaf from Frozen. Anna added, “Throughout the project, we had the full support of the whole Hope family – students, teachers, and parents checked on our progress daily with great interest and excitement. In the end I just wanted to create something lasting that my boys would think was cool.” For more information email Anna at sousasonthefly@roadrunner.com.