by MICHELLE TREMBLAY | photo by Lauren Nygard Photography

Forever Fascinated

student02At just three years old Nikki Keisler created her own film. “The term ‘film’ should be used lightly as it was pretty much just my mom filming me dancing to ‘These Boots are Made for Walkin’,” joked Nikki. Nevertheless, that fact served as a precursor to the talented person Nikki has become. At 16 years old, Nikki is an aspiring movie director, a skilled photographer, an experienced martial arts student, and a science-lover. It seems that nothing is too far out of reach for this superstar student.

Nikki attends the 11th grade at Carlsbad High School, where she enjoys studying science. Her favorite class this year is AP Psychology. “I think I’m just a science person because last year my favorite subject was AP Biology,” she shared. “It is considered one of the hardest classes in the school, but it was just so interesting that it became really fun.”

Nikki is also the head of the school’s theatre crew, where she finds and assembles costumes. “I love it because I get to spend time with my friends, as most of them are actors. Also, working backstage is extremely exciting,” she stated. “The best part of it is seeing the final product and knowing that I had a big influence in making it happen.”

Outside of school Nikki is heavily involved in karate – she has studied it for about 10 years, and most recently, she was tested for her junior black belt. “The particular style I do is called Go-Ju Ryu,” explained Nikki. “I am also involved in the Guidance on Leadership Development team at the dojo where, under the instruction of Michelle Enfield, we learn how to lead classes and instruct younger students.”

“”The best part of it is seeing the final product and knowing that I had a big influence in making it happen.”

In more recent years, Nikki has added “photographer” to her repertoire. “My interest began when my mom got involved in it,” said Nikki, who now assists her mom with photography at weddings. “As of right now, I have shot over 20 weddings between last year and this year,” she noted.

As for her future, Nikki aspires to become a film director and is interested in attending UCLA or NYU for their renowned film schools. “Just watching films and wondering how things happened sparked an interest,” she shared. “My parents were the first in the family to move out of state to California and going to Hollywood and seeing all the movie studios was just so intriguing to me.”

Name: Maria Nicole Keisler (Nikki is my nickname) (16)
School: Carlsbad High School
Grade: 11
Parents: Lisa and Donald Keisler
Favorite Place in Carlsbad: Warm Waters Beach, Carlsbad Coffee House, Mermaids, Pollos Maria, The Beat Clothing, Rags, and Blues and Shoes