by JENNIFER FRAKES | photos by Tyler McElhaney

Focus on Relaxation

North County Spa Specializes in Soothing and Healing Massage Therapies

For the past five years, North County Spa has served the Carlsbad area, bringing the healing and relaxation of massage therapy to local residents. Now under new ownership and newly renovated, North County Spa is focused on the soothing and healing therapies of reflexology, ashiatsu, Swedish massage, deep tissue, hot stone massage, traditional Chinese massage, and sea salt scrubs. The facility has multiple massage rooms, showers, relaxing music, dimmed lighting, and a large room that is dedicated to clients who wish to indulge in a foot massage.

Two of North County Spa’s specialties are ashiatsu and reflexology. Ashiatsu massage is a Japanese style of massage where pressure is applied to the back through the clothes by using bare feet, knees, elbows, and palms. Reflexology focuses on the feet. By applying pressure to specific points, reflexology can influence the well-being of other areas of the body. “Modern science tells us that when pressure is applied on a specific area of the foot, signals are sent throughout the body that puts the nervous system in balance. Chemicals, such as endorphins, are released. These chemicals reduce stress and pain,” explained Hui. He is quick to point out that clients who are ticklish needn’t worry. “Our therapists apply enough pressure to avoid that ticklish sensation, yet never enough to cause pain or discomfort.”


Reflexology, ashiatsu, and other forms of massage can improve conditions such as stress, headaches, muscle strains or sprains, circulatory issues, arthritis, tendonitis, and digestive troubles. According to Hui, massage lowers the level of stress hormones, detoxifies the body, and improves circulation and muscle tone. “We want all of our clients to leave relaxed and rejuvenated. No matter which type of massage a client prefers, we want to make sure he or she receives the best and most relaxing experience,” said Hui.

Hui and his staff are trained, licensed, and experienced in massage therapies and techniques. The therapists sit down with each client, learn about their needs and physical issues, and develop specific massage procedures that will be the most beneficial to the client’s unique situation.
Hui encourages all those who would like to experience a relaxing and healing massage to visit North County Spa. “We currently have a buy ten massage treatments, get two free offer that will continue through the rest of the year. Also, a gift card for a massage makes the perfect holiday gift,” said Hui. vFor more information visit

Name of Business: North County SpaNorthcountyspa01
Owner/Manager: Steven Hui
Year of Establishment: 2014
Address: 1880 Marron Rd. Suite 104, Carlsbad, CA 92008
Phone: 760-630-9988
Description of Spa: North County Spa in Carlsbad offers relaxing, therapeutic massages and services at affordable prices.