From CHSTV to the Emmys 

Former Carlsbad High School Television (CHSTV) Sports Reporter John Tipton has won an Emmy award for a University of Minnesota (U of M) sports special called Pride on Ice, which follows the school’s hockey team. John produced this special during the two years he spent covering sports for the U of M. When asked about Pride on Ice, John explained, “We sat down with a few players and coaches both before and after the games and let them tell the story. We filmed interviews, practices, and games. My goal was to give all hockey fans the inside access.” In the end, John spent nearly forty hours editing and says he spent most of this time at his local coffee shop, “I can’t tell you how many mochas and lattes I bought, but I can tell you the more coffee that entered my body, the more heart I put into the video.” The task of piecing together a thirteen-minute episode from so much exciting content was, in John’s words, the most challenging project that he’s ever faced. Clearly, though, all of the hard work from John and his team has paid off. The single episode, “Frozen Four”, was nominated for a Midwest Emmy sports category called “One-Time Special” – and won. Currently, John works as a broadcast producer and editor of University of Alabama sports games, including football, women’s volleyball, men and women’s basketball, and more. His duties include editing highlights and creating video content that runs in-game. “Winning an Emmy is still a whirlwind,” John laughed. “It hasn’t fully sunk in yet.”