Celebrating Milestones

The Carlsbad City Library Literacy Services program, which offers free reading, writing, and computer skills training, is celebrating thirty years of service.

Today it has eighty-two active tutors and seventy-four matched volunteer tutor, or learner, pairs. “Around twenty years ago, computers were integrated into the curriculum of the literacy program. It adopted a core belief that computer skills were not an end in themselves, but instead were important reading and writing tools that were as essential as books, pens, and paper,” Community Outreach Supervisor Carrie Scott explained.

In 2008 the program moved into the Carlsbad City Library Learning Center. This February the program expanded the Learning Center’s hours.

Carlsbad Literacy Services has earned ongoing community support, including a seventeen-year partnership with Carlsbad High School to offer reading, writing, and study skills support to selected special-education students. Students earn class credit for the time they spend at the Learning Center.

The program continues to grow with new offerings like Playaway Bookpacks, a book with an audio player allowing the reader to listen to a book while reading it. Grants are also being received to expand technology use in the literacy program.

Additionally, the Summer Youth Literacy Program, in partnership with the library’s Bilingual Services, will offer a literacy program parallel to the library’s summer reading program, pairing students in grades one through four and their parents with a volunteer tutor to improve the students’ reading level.

For more information about Literacy Services contact literacy@carlsbadca.gov.