What Do You Think? Advice for Buyers and Sellers

As we come to the middle of 2014 we have been asked by both buyers and sellers, “What advice do you have for us?” We received all different kinds of articles from many different publications, and we believe that knowledge is the best guidance. We also listen to our buyers and sellers when we spend time with them.

From the information we have, we believe that interest rates will be rising gradually for the second half of the year and ending the year at about 4.4% per Freddie Mac. If you are a buyer, now is not the time to wait for the home prices to fall. Prices are still rising but at a much slower pace than a year ago. For twenty-six consecutive months the price gains have been in the double digits.

Now is the time to sell! Sellers take advantage of the dip in mortgage rates now to bring more buyers to your home, and don’t be discouraged by the offers you are receiving from buyers. Most buyers are qualified to purchase more than what they are offering. Don’t become unreasonable with asking too much for your home. In most cases if you are flexible, buyers will be flexible.

Experience is key when you are deciding to purchase a home or sell your existing home. Twenty-six years of combined real estate experience is the reason why we are your best choice for all of your real estate needs.