Carlsbad Mayor Matt Hall Has Deep Roots in the Community He Serves

As a resident of Carlsbad since 1970, Mayor Matt Hall has a deep love of the community and the people who reside in it. He has served on the Carlsbad City Council and is a long-time member of the Village Redevelopment Committee, the Carlsbad Chamber of Congress and many other local civic organizations. He especially enjoys working with non-profit groups, such as Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation, and businesses, such as Life Technology, to keep Carlsbad clean and beautiful. “The most rewarding part of being mayor is the opportunity to serve the residents of the Carlsbad and work with the community to build a world-class city,” revealed Mayor Hall, who cites the small-town feel and the energy of the community as some of his favorite things about Carlsbad.

Although Mayor Hall is now a full-time public servant, he and his wife, Phyllis, have long been fixtures in the Carlsbad business community. Mayor Hall owned a local business, and Phyllis owned and operated two successful restaurants in the village. As mayor, he continues to support those who do business in Carlsbad, as well as other communities within North San Diego County. “I am working very hard, along with other mayors of our surrounding communities, to help grow all of North County,” stated Mayor Hall.

Giving back is also an important part of Mayor Hall’s leadership philosophy. A Vietnam veteran who was awarded the Purple Heart, he describes his service in the United States Army as giving him a “much greater appreciation of our country and our community.” Currently, he is working with Chris Megison and Solutions for Change to help individuals and families who are homeless get their lives back on track, a cause he feels passionately about supporting.
Mayor Hall is also committed to ensuring that Carlsbad continues to be a great place to raise a family. He and Phyllis raised three daughters in the local community, and now enjoy spending time with their two granddaughters. “We enjoy playing with our grandchildren and especially love taking them to Legoland – it has become a second home,” related the proud grandfather. Mayor Hall and his family can often be found dining at West and Gregario’s or enjoying the beautiful ocean views along the coast of Carlsbad.

Meet The Mayor

Name: Matt Hall
Profession: Mayor of Carlsbad
Community: Carlsbad since 1970