by LINDA FRABL | photos by Soul of Photography

A Faithful Freshman

If you surround yourself with others who are good, wholesome role models, their favorable qualities will rub off onto you. This is definitely the case with 15-year-old Chris Gallagher, who resides in the Cliffs neighborhood in Northern Carlsbad. He stated, “I really like living here because of the strong, well-nurtured relationships between the neighbors.” Chris is quick to credit all of the wonderful members of his community for his healthy, well-adjusted disposition.

A freshman at Sage Creek High School (SCHS), Chris appreciates its heartwarming educational environment. He explained, “I like the uplifting campus life. Whether it’s a teacher, janitor or student, everyone exhibits a positive attitude and a strong consideration towards others.” This may be why Chris excels at SCHS; not only does he maintain a 4.0 GPA, but he has also received the “Best Attitude Award” while on the freshman basketball team.

In addition to basketball, Chris is also active with cross country and track and field. He especially wants to single out the coach of those activities, Jacob Feiring, as being an inspiration for him. Chris admitted, “I can’t recall one single day when he came to practice in a bad mood. He radiates positivity and instills confidence and perseverance in all of his athletes.”

“I really enjoy pushing my limits, and applying my learned knowledge from class towards complex problems.”

Always willing to give thanks to others, Chris acknowledges that his faith is a cornerstone in his life. He is a co-leader of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Club, which aims to connect one’s daily activities, such as sports, with one’s life as a follower of Christ. Another way Chris makes a deep connection with the world around him is through music, and he currently plays the alto saxophone in his high school band.

Citing physics as his favorite subject in school, Chris proclaimed, “I myself am more of a ‘math/science’ kind of person. I really enjoy pushing my limits and applying my learned knowledge from class towards complex problems.” In the future Chris would like to get a job that utilizes his math, science and problem-solving skills, so that he can ultimately “help make our world a better, more enjoyable place to live.” Because of his benevolent-minded optimism, we have no doubt that Chris will succeed in that noble goal.

Meet Chris

Name: Christopher Joseph Gallagher (15)
School: Sage Creek High School (SCHS)
Grade: 9
Parents: Paula and Brian Gallagher
Siblings: John Gallagher (18)
Favorite place in 92010: Home is always first, but my high school is a close second candidate.